Due to the changing political landscape affecting Second Amendment-related content, my primary site for sharing videos is Gunstreamer.  For now, my primary site for live streaming is YouTube (they are pretty much the only game in town, unfortunately).  For backup purposes, all of my videos, including live streams (once finished) are also uploaded to Gunstreamer and UGETube.  I uploaded pre-recorded content only (no live streams, due to data storage limits) to Vimeo.  If at any time, my YouTube channel is not accessible, please use these other means to access my content.  I have also recently been approved for a channel on Full30; I have begun uploading my videos there.

I am presently uploading only recent releases of pre-recorded content to GunTube, which is a private Second Amendment video sharing site under development by a Gun Channels member, Nightstryke.  Once this site has passed the Beta phase and has the necessary resources to support doing so, this will be my primary backup site.