My gun story

I was raised in a small-town in eastern Kansas, where my father was a bird hunter, and so there were always guns in the house.  Dad owned a 12-gauge Winchester 1200 shotgun, along with an old Mauser .22 rifle that he sent home from Europe during World War II (both of which I now have, as Dad passed away in 1999).  I can also remember him owning a pistol at one time, although he had sold it by the time I was in high school (I'm not certain what it was).

As a child, I, like most kids my age, was given a Daisy BB rifle.  By the time I was in junior high school, I enrolled in the Kansas Hunters' Safety Course, which was new at the time.  Once I passed, my father wanted me to learn how to hunt, so he bought a used single-shot 12-gauge at an auction for me to learn with. The Christmas after my eighth grade, I got a brand new Sears & Roebuck M-200 12-gauge pump-action shotgun (which I still have), and I and my father hunted together for several years afterwards.

After my freshman year of college, I moved in with my sister, who was living in Austin, Texas.  That same winter, Dad's hunting dog Rusty passed away.  Dad, who was 56 at the time, did not want to take the time to train a new dog, so he decided to give up hunting.  I ended up moving back home six months later, but the hunting was over.  Other than a few country outings where we would shoot cans, etc., we hardly ever got the guns out.  In 1986, I made my one and only gun purchase - a New England Firearms Pardner, single-shot .410.

As I said earlier, handguns were not a thing in our house.  I grew up in a small town, in a time where people felt safe, and very few people I knew owned handguns.  Now, I was never what you would consider "anti-gun", but I believed that handguns were dangerous.  What news I heard about handguns were either people who had committed suicide, or children who were accidentally shot with them.  That's the way it was for years.

However, the world changed, as you all know.  In 2015, after working some extra hours at work, I decided that I needed something else for home protection, so I bought a Mossberg 510 shotgun, .410, pump-action with an 18" barrel.  However, I soon realized that you can't just go out in the country and shoot like I had in the past.  After doing some research online, I found an indoor gun range 25 miles away, and they did allow shotguns.  So, I took the shotgun there, patterned it, and that was that.

A month later, my daughter told me that she wanted to buy a pistol.  A pink pistol.  I asked her why, and she said she just wanted to shoot it.  She then sent me some links, and I realized how expensive pistols can be!  I told her I would do some checking.  So, I went online, and within a few days, I had given myself a crash course in handguns.  But, I wasn't having any luck finding a good deal near me.  I suggested that she call the local gun shop in my area (which was ran as part of an outdoor store, by an older gentleman, and I was almost certain he wouldn't have anything she would like).  A few minutes later, she called me, very excited - he had one.  She was at school, and wanted me to go look at it for her.  I went there and saw the Taurus TCP, lavender color with a stainless steel slide.  She told me that she was coming after class, and she wanted it.  So, we ended up getting it.  It was late at night, but she wanted to know if we could go to the range I had found and shoot it the next day.

The next day, we went to the nearby indoor range.  She shot one magazine through the TCP, then she handed it to me, and said "Here Dad, you want to try it?"  So, I did - my first time shooting a handgun, ever.  I believe I had a smile on my face when I finished.  I turned to her and said, "I have to get one of these!  In black, of course."  I knew my local guy didn't have any others, so the next day I went into the city, where they had another Taurus TCP, all black, for $199.  It was mine.  I took it to the range that afternoon, shot it, and bought a membership to the range.

A couple weeks later, a friend at work told me how much he loved shooting his 9mm, so I ended up getting one.  And the addiction was on from there.  I ended up joining the Taurus Firearms Forum, the NRA, the KSRA, and took a concealed carry class that fall (even though Kansas, by that time, no longer required a CCL for residents).  And, a few more guns and a few months later, here I am.  I spend most of my free time participating in gun forums, watching gun YouTube videos, and participating in live chats with members.

Eventually, I decided to start producing my own content, which is why I'm here now.  I'm new - my videos aren't very refined, I'm not real comfortable in front of the camera.  But I'm giving it a try.  Thank you for coming along on this journey!