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What does "Give Them the Bird" mean?

posted Dec 26, 2018, 11:19 PM by Gizzard Gary
I have been using the hashtag "#GiveThemTheBird" for a few months now.  And yes, the message can be a bit ambiguous, and it was meant to be...sort of.  It's a play-on-words.  The entire statement is, "If someone tries to infringe on your Second Amendment rights - #GiveThemTheBird."  Now, some might take that as meaning to make a rude gesture, but that's not the point.

For one, my channel logo is a rooster with a modern sporting rifle and sling.  I have an Instagram post which shows the rooster emblem along with the word "Bird," then below that, a cartoon sketch of myself, along with the word "Word."  So, it could be taken that, if someone's rights are infringed, send them to my channel - and that would be fine - but that's not quite the point either.

To me, throughout history, the bird is the symbol of freedom.  "Free as a bird," as the saying goes.  Also, the rooster symbolizes courage, vigilance, and strength.  So, if someone's rights are infringed, be like the bird - speak of our freedoms, face them with courage, always be vigilant, and be strong in your beliefs.  Give them the bird, and be proud to do so!