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Range time with the CAA USA Micro Conversion Kit

posted Oct 6, 2019, 6:36 AM by Gizzard Gary
This past Friday, October 4, I spent an hour or so at The Gun Guys Indoor Shooting Range with the CAA USA Micro Conversion Kit, along with my recently-acquired (a week ago) Glock 22 Gen 4 LEO trade-in.  I wanted to do a functional test of the MCK, along with the Dagger Defense DDH-B Reflex Sight and Manual BUIS, and the Fyland Tactical Flashlight.  I had 100 rounds of PMC Bronze JHP 180 grain ammo with me.  After I arrived, I decided to buy some defense ammo for it also, so I picked up two boxes of Sig Sauer V-Crown JHP, 180 grain.

So how did everything do?  It was flawless, and so much fun!  After getting the reflex sight adjusted, I was punching holes in paper at 10 yards, then moved out to 25 (the length of my indoor range).  To be able to hit the target consistently with a handgun at 25 yards is awesome.  I also tried the BUIS, and while they need some adjustment, they were spot-on for windage.  The Fyland tactical flashlight worked without a hitch.  I tried 10 rounds of the Sig V-Crown just to make sure it would cycle, again no issues.  Great day at the range, and a recap video to follow (yes, I did video my first few shots, not all of them).