Logo history

My original channel logo was simply a picture of me in front of an American flag which hangs in my living room.  I still use this picture on my personal social media accounts (although I've since grown out my hair, and now have a full beard).

Eventually, I noticed that most of the people on GunChannels.com had a logo which they used for Google Hangouts, YouTube, etc., so I set out to create my own.

The first design was my initials arranged in a circle.  This was inspired by the old Civil Defense (CD) signs from the Cold War era.  I had drawn versions of this when I was in grade school; walking home from school every day, I passed the fallout shelter at the local courthouse, and that sign always hung there.

It wasn't too difficult to create this on a computer, using the Keynote app on my Apple MacBook Air.  It was originally black with a white background, but I reversed this so that it would look better against a black background (such as in Google Hangouts).  I also found that this logo was easy to see, even when very small, as an avatar in the chat comments of a YouTube video.

When I originally cre
ated the Gizzard Gary page, I did a Google search for "chicken with gun". As you can imagine, there aren't a lot of choices. I was in a hurry at the time, so I found this cartoon baby chicken with a rifle and a helmet. I pasted my old GD logo on the helmet, and superimposed this on an outline of the state of Kansas. It was cute enough, but did not render well when shrunk to the size of a YouTube chat avatar.

I should note that one of my Patreon supporters actually prefers this version of my logo (sorry, Nightstryke).
Once I decided to go "all-out" on social media, etc. with the new persona, I decided I didn't like the baby chicken logo. What I came up with is obviously a modification of my original GD logo. I then found an image of a guy in a chicken suit, actually holding a modern sporting rifle (with a somewhat mean look on his face). I placed this on the "ledge" formed by the mirrored letter G, giving the theme of either standing at a podium, or even better, at the platform of a firing range.

I am going to try and stick with this for a while, as I have already gotten ribbing from several people about how often I have changed my logo (and my name).
After having been told that my reflected G design was similar to another company's logo, and that my chicken was copied from the Web, I set out to refine my logo a bit.  I shortened the bottom of the G's to change it up a bit, and to make room for a larger graphic.  At first, I put my old "baby chick" logo in the middle, but then I was told that I needed something with solid colors, for making patches, stickers, etc.  I then took a stock chicken photo from Apple Keynote, colored it orange, and superimposed a silhouette of an AR - and drew on a sling for good measure, making both green.  The result is a logo that I can finally call my own.

For now, at least.  I tend to change my mind a lot, as you can see - I hope this is the one that I can keep for quite a while.