George Grayson Cat

On August 10, 2014, my daughter (who already had three cats) decided that she wanted to adopt a new kitten.  We went to the pet store, which had 3 or 4 kittens the week before (three orange, one gray), but the only kitten left was the gray one.  She picked him up and held him, and said yes, she wanted to adopt him.  She wanted to pick out a collar, food, and a food and water dish, so she handed the kitten to me to hold while she was shopping.  Now some kittens don't like being held, or try to move around, but this one just seemed content to be held.

Once we got out to her car, my daughter asked what we should name him.  I gave it a quick thought, and I remembered an old cartoon from my childhood ("The Abominable Snow Rabbit," 1961) where this character picked up what he thought was a bunny rabbit (actually, Daffy Duck, but whatever), and said, "I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him...".  So, I threw out the name "George".  My daughter said, "No, he doesn't look like a George."  So, I asked what she wanted to name him, and she said, "I was thinking Grayson, maybe."  I asked why, and her response was "Because he's gray?  I don't know."   said that I had never heard of a cat named Grayson, so she said "Well, I'll think about it."  A minute or so down the road, she said, "I guess George isn't a bad name for him."  I said, "Well then, he can be George Grayson, that way he has both names."  And so it was.  (After we got home, my son-in-law informed her that she wanted to name her cat after a Batman

It just so happened that I was spending the week with my daughter and son-in-law the following week.  Since my daughter had a dog, along with three grown cats, she asked me to watch George during the day, to make sure the other pets didn't hurt him or pick on him.  So, pretty much the entire week, George spent his time on my lap, and I protected him.  It didn't take very long for me to become attached to him, and he was attached to me also.  I even took him into my bedroom at night to be sure he was safe.

Evidently, my daughter figured out that I was getting really attached to George, and as the week went on, I knew I was going to miss him once I went home.  Evidently, my daughter noticed this also.  Before I left to go home on August 16, she said, "Dad, if you want to, you can take George home with you."  I asked her if she was sure, since he was supposed to be her cat, but she said "It's ok, he's gotten pretty attached to you anyway."  So, he came to live with me, and he has been here ever since.

George is my buddy, and my best friend.  He sleeps with me every night (usually curled up under one arm).  He watches me as I leave in the morning, and he is always at the door waiting for me when I get home.  As he has grown older, he doesn't spend all of his time on my lap, but he still loves to do so (as many of you already know, he seems to know when my web cam is on, and often appears with me when I am on Google Hangouts, and occasionally even on my recorded videos.  I would complain, but to be honest, I wouldn't know what to do without George.

And, with a little help from me (his dad - not his owner - George is the boss here...LOL), George has his own social media links: