Gizzard Gary Productions

 Kansas firearm and pro-2A podcaster and social media creator.  Guns and gear reviews, 2nd Amendment activism, industry event coverage, and live panel discussion - from the perspective of an older guy who began his modern firearm journey at age 55.  Host of two weekly live streams:  Fowl Territory (panel discussion), Fridays 9pm Eastern/8pm Central, and Early Bird Chat (moderated open lobby), Sundays 10am Eastern/9am Central.
Working media at NSSF SHOT Show® 2020 and Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show (2018-present).

"If someone tries to infringe on your right to keep and bear arms - Give Them The Bird!" SHOT Show 2020
Click above to see my coverage from SHOT Show® 2020, including Industry Day at the Range.

Click above to see my coverage from Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show, Fall/Spring 2018 and 2019
Fowl Territory is a weekly family-friendly two-hour live stream, where I and a panel of guests will discuss firearm and Second Amendment topics of the day, and conduct a weekly prize giveaway sponsored by Owl & Anchor Custom Graphics.  Go to my YouTube channel to watch live streams and to join the text chat, every Friday night at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central, or click above for a playlist of back episodes.
Early Bird Chat is a weekly Sunday morning four-hour live stream, where I will discuss topics of the day in a family-friendly moderated open lobby.  Go to my YouTube channel to watch live streams and to join the text chat, Sunday morning at 10am Eastern/9am Central, or click above for a playlist of back episodes.

Other video playlists on my YouTube channel:
  • At the Range - Range footage of me and my family shooting various guns
  • Chicken-Themed Music - Because I like to have fun!
  • Flying the Coop - Videos from my travels about, including Second Amendment rallies
  • Gizzard Live! - Archived live streams, including Fowl Territory, my weekly live stream
  • Guns and Gear - Unboxing, reviews, and range testing of guns and related gear (purchased by me, or provided to me for review)
  • Home Sweet Home - Informative and/or entertainment videos recorded at my home
  • Mail Call - opening swag and products of interest received in the mail
I also appear as a panelist on YouTube live streams hosted by other YouTube creators, including:  TheGunSnob, C4 Defense, OBNXS1, MIdnightRangeTM, Unloaded Media, TravisP11, Sandhills Shooter, G23, and others.