Gizzard Gary Productions

Kansas-based entity providing firearms and Second Amendment-related content creation and social media awareness
Promotion of safe firearms ownership and Second Amendment activism, along with discussion and advice for new firearm owners
"If someone tries to infringe on your right to keep and bear arms - Give Them The Bird!" #GiveThemTheBird
Fowl Territory is my new weekly live stream, where I and a panel of guests will discuss firearm and Second Amendment topics of the day.  Click on the above link to access the Gizzard Gary channel page on, or go to my YouTube channel, to watch live streams, and join the text chat.  Archived episodes will also be available on my channel.  I am looking into podcasts for Fowl Territory also, so stay tuned!

I also regularly appear as a panelist on the following scheduled Gun Channels live streams (also on YouTube):

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Owl & Anchor Custom Graphics   2018 Year in Review

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Note:  I post all my videos on both Gunstreamer and YouTube.  Gunstreamer is a firearm-friendly video site, without the anti-gun bias on YouTube.